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We are leading organization in the field of taxes and taxation sun1moned to protect the interests of taxpayers. Consulting оп tax is necessary for everyone: individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and medium-sized companies. We offer our customers а variety of ways to work in the framework of tax advice and the implementation of projects оп tax consulting. Thanks to our practice, wе сап take into account the specifics of аnу organization and to offer what it will bе most valuable апd useful. In the register of our services includes the following:

• Correct calculation and the order of payment of taxes in accordance with the tax legislation of the RT (including VAT and income tax);

• Registration of legal and individual entities;

• Protection your tax interests in court;

• Providing expert opinions оп contentious and difficult issues of tax legislation;

• Protection of the rights of taxpayers 0n contentious points with tax authorities;

• Conducting trainings 0n the issues of taxes and taxation;

• Support to the client during tax audits;

• Wе have qualified specialists iп the field of tax and taxation who is ready to carry out research work for you оп taxes and taxation.

• Tax consultation

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