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Job Title

Analyst, Grants Officer, Dushanbe

Closing date

3 October 2016

Job Advert Details

This position is offered as a 7 months Short term contract.

Role Overview

Agriculture is a key sector of the resident Office, contributing 22 per cent of GDP and one third of export earnings. Given that 70 per cent of the population gets its livelihood from agriculture, developing agribusiness enterprise is particularly crucial for ensuring growth.

The European Union has established the Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Programme (“ECTAP” or the “Action”) to enhance the development of Tajik agri-food value chains, the competitiveness of agri-food enterprises and the quality of marketing of their products. As part of the Action, the European Union seeks to mobilise higher levels of financing to support capital investment in the Tajik agricultural and agribusiness sector by providing grants that will be blended with financing from the Bank and its implementing partner (KfW).

The beneficiaries of the Action are intended to be micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) along the agribusiness value-added chains, including farmers and their associations, while local consulting service providers to the agriculture sector will also benefit indirectly.

The Action consists of three Windows:

· Window 1:EU grants for a risk-sharing facility with the EBRD, which will support at least EUR 20 million of EBRD financing to Tajik agribusiness SMEs.

· Window 2:EU funding for investment grants to the beneficiaries of the Action to be channelled through: (i) KfW lending programme with Tajik microfinance institutions (MFIs) and/or banks for on-lending to beneficiaries, where EBRD’s implementing partner ensures a mechanism for the EU funds to be passed to the eligible end borrowers, and (ii) the EBRD’s lending programme with Tajik MFIs/banks for on-lending to beneficiaries where the EBRD ensures a mechanism for the EU funds to be passed to the eligible end borrowers.

· Window 3: EU technical assistance grants to support agribusiness SMEs in implementing their capital investment projects through EBRD direct financing in Windows 1 and 2.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Senior Grants Officer will include - but not be limited to - the following tasks:

· Work with EBRD, KfW and EU Management and the EU Consultant to finalise the mechanism, including all templates and procedures, for approval and disbursement of EU grants, ensuring that the mechanism operates effectively in the market and is not too complex or time-consuming;

· Ensure strong coordination between the EBRD Financial Institutions Team, Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) and the EU Consultant who will provide initial training and coaching to PFIs based on agreed policies and procedures;

· Assess grant applications in Window 2 which are above the threshold for automatic disbursement, and accordingly prepare advice for decision making by the ECTAP Board, comprising EU, EBRD, KfW;

· Liaise with EBRD counterparts on direct lending under window 1 and on technical assistance under Window 3, including for capacity building to PFIs;

· Work with EBRD, KfW and EU Management and the EU Consultant to finalise reporting modalities, and then maintain an information system to ensure this reporting is carried out;

· Liaise with KfW on implementation of the Grant Agreement with respect to ECTAP, to be agreed between EBRD and KfW;

· Ensure that all documents received from participating financial institutions (“PFIs”) be completed in an accurate manner, with no mistakes or irregularities.

· Prepare an administrative order of transfer of the total amount of ECTAP investment grants to be paid to PFIs as stated by the listing.

· Aggregate all data from the documents received and present to the EU/EBRD/KfW Grant Committee, allowing the Grant Committee to monitor the level of disbursements by type of investors, by value-chains and by type of equipment, and to take action to increase or decrease the rhythm of disbursements if so required.

· Monthly monitoring and reporting of the amounts committed and disbursed through grants.

· Prepare progress reports to be forwarded to the EU at the end of every 12-month period and the final report, all in compliance with Article 2 of the General and Administrative Conditions of the EU Contribution Agreement DCI-ASIE/2014/354-000.

· Coordinate the EBRD’s actions under ECTAP with other activities under the Small Business Initiative, as well as with actions of other development partners in Tajikistan supporting agricultural value chain development (e.g. World Bank Group, FAO, USAID, DFID, GIZ).

· Ad hoc assignments as requested.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

· Previous experience in grants management and in similar products and environments

· Ability to work independently and on own initiative on day to day basis

· Strong organisational skills, demonstrated ability to prioritise

· Strong communication skills, including ability to communicate confidently and assertively

· Excellent interpersonal skills

· Ability to cope well and remain calm under pressure

· Ability to handle highly confidential and sensitive issues

· Reliable and flexible with professional manner

· Impeccable behaviour towards clients and co-workers

· Diligent with high degree of integrity

· Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, attention to details

· Very good written and spoken command of English

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