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OrganizationFeed the Future Tajikistan Health and Nutrition Activity

Request for Proposals


1. Background and objectives

The Feed the Future Tajikistan Heath and Nutrition Activity (THNA) is part of the US Agency for International Development's (USAID) focus on improving maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition. IntraHealth International is the firm chosen by USAID to lead the program.

THNA works closely with the Tajikistan Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population and other stakeholders to improve services at district-level health care facilities, help families improve nutrition and adopt healthy behaviors, improve awareness of the importance of nutrition at the national and regional levels, and improve sanitation and hygiene at health care facilities and in communities.

IntraHealth is seeking a professional photographer to accompany program staff periodically on site visits to capture images of the range of activities the program supports and the Tajik people who participate.We offer a longterm contract of intermittentassignment-based work in Dushanbe and throughout Khatlon oblast.

2. Responsibilities of the photographer

The photographer will shoot THNA programs and key individuals that emerge from story-gathering activities and site visits. The images captured should include vibrant environmental portraiture and capture program activities using a documentary approach with wide angle images. All photography will strive to convey the vision and work of IntraHealth with respect and dignity.

IntraHealth seeks natural-light, wide-angle, full-color and vivid, horizontal photography with shots including:

· Directed portraits (of key individuals) in contextual environments (15%)

· Action portraits that show honest depictions of individuals in their typical surroundings and interacting with a range of people (family, friends, coworkers, and clients) (70%)

· Environmental and close-up element shots that show the details of people's lives in various settings (15%)

A portion of the photographs should be taken with copy space in mind for use in printed materials, website banners, and other promotional materials.

3. Detailed list of tasks

· Photographproject activities according to a shot list provided in advance of assignments and in the style of photography described above.

· Retouching and captioning photos in post-production.

· Uploading all images to a shared location.

4. Methodology and available resource materials

The photogrpaher will provide all needed equipment.

On assignment, the photographer will be accompanied by a respective country staff member to provide the photographer with direction as needed. A communications staff person in the US will oversee final deliverables and advise the photographer in pre-production and post-production phases.

All images produced on assignment become the property of IntraHealth International.

5. Deliverables and reports

Specific deliverables include:

For each day shooting the photographer should produce approximately 150processed, captioned jpegs. 20 percent of these images should be premium publication-quality and represent the photographer's best output during this assignment.

Jpegs should include locations and general description of activities captured during the specific site visit.

6. Locations

THNAworks in 12 districts ofKhatlonoblast (Yovon, Jomi, Khuroson, Vakhsh, Bokhtar, Sarband, Balkhi, Jaihun, Dusti, Qubodiyon, Shahrtus, and NosiriKhisrav), and most of the work will be in these districts. There will little or no studio work.

9.Photographer qualifications

The assignment will require a photographer with demonstrated competencies and experience in:

· Photography

· Capturing metadata (names of places, people, and specific locations such as hospitals/health canters) where photos are taken

· Knowing, having, and using the right equipment for different lighting/settings

· Saving, sending, storing photos

· Knowledge of local cultures and customs

The photographer should have a combination of the following sets of qualifications:

· Formal photography training

· At least 7 years experience as a professional photographer

· Knowledge and demonstrable experience working with photo equipment

· Proven experience in documenting complex scenarios into simple understandable formats

10. To apply

Please send the following in a zip file to

· your CV

· a portfolio of photographs you have taken

o the images should be generally of the style and content described above

o include the metadata for each as described above

o you have our assurance that these images will not be used for any purpose other than this review of your application

· professional references

· your fee schedule


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