PDV coordinator for health and social protection

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PDV coordinator for health and social protection
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PDV coordinator for health and social protection

OrganizationProject on Prevention of Domestic Violence (PDV) in Tajikistan

Closing date2016-09-26


Project on Prevention of Domestic Violence (PDV) in Tajikistan is funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by GOPA (GesellschaftfürOrganisation, Planung und AusbildungmbH) and seeks to reduce domestic violence in Tajikistan, support DV victims and strengthen public awareness about this problem as a human rights violation.

Title: PDV coordinator for health and social protection

Duties and responsibilities

Under the general supervision of the Project Director, the Coordinator for health and social protection will liaise between the PMU and the MoHSPP and coordinate all activities that are related to involvement of the MoHSPP at central level.

More specifically, the PDV coordinator for health and social protection will perform the following duties:

- Provide support to the health and social protection expert in reviewing/developing/improving of:

· Regulations and instructions on integrating DV-related issues in public services, including developing and approval of job-related tasks description on interventions of state social workers and doctors;

· Current legislative instruments related to provision of free minimum package of psycho-medical-social assistance measures in protection of DV victims (as integrated into country system on social protection of population);

· National Strategy for assistance and protection of DV victims and Quality Standards/SOPs for state social workers and medical staff to effectively address DV;

· Training curricula addressing state social workers as related to case management and referral, and organize ToT for further trainings of the state social workers; develop Guidelines for social workers on dealing with DV cases

- Assist the MoHSPP in conceptualizing the evidence-based data collection system on DV cases and assistance measures provided to DV victims;

- Provide support to the MoHSPP in establishing of coordination mechanism with relevant ministries on PDV:

· Assist the MoHSPP in creating the interministerial WG on PDV with the participation of representatives from the MoHSPP; MoJ; MoIA; MoE; CoWFA etc.

· Prepare and organize quarterly the WG meetings;

· Document and share the results of the WG meetings;

· Write the press releases for the organizations of WG events;

· Assist in coordination of activities with the Regional and City Health and Social Protection Departments on PDV;

· Assist the MoHSPP and Project in implementation of PDV concept at the district level;

· Support the MoHSPP, Regional and City Health and Social Protection Department and CoWFA in writing and presentation of the reports;

· Participate in developing of publications on coordination of PDV activities;

· Other tasks requested by the Project Director


· University degree in medicine, master degree in public health is an asset;

· At least 15 years of work experience in the health sector, preferably at the national level;

· At least 7 years of working experience in international projects, preferably in the health sector;

· Strong experience in coordinating MoHSPP technical working groups and inter-ministerial working groups, including MoJ, ME, MoI etc.;

· Sound knowledge of the public health and social protection sectors;

· At least 7 years of working experience in organization of training activities at the national and local levels;

· Excellent experience in collaborating with the MoHSPP officials is a must;

· Fluent in Tajik andRussian, knowledge of English is an asset;

· Excellent written and presentation skills;

· Full computer literacy;

· Excellent communication, advocacy and networking skills;

· Highly motivated and flexibility to accommodate to tight schedules.

How to apply:Those who are interested should send their CV and cover letter to info@pdv-tj.org.

The deadlineis September 26, 2016. For more information please call (+992)227 10 75; 227 10 76


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